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Nobody wants to think about car body repairs. But when the worst happens we're here to help!

So with that in mind let's start by explaining your rights and busting one or five myths:

False - You can get just one estimate, as long as it is fair and reasonable; and that repairs are being carried out using industry-approved methods.

False - It's your car, you decide who does the work on it. So if you have a preferred repairer who you've maybe used in the past you can opt to use them.

False - Any reputable repairer will stand over their work. In fact, often the smaller independent repairer is better equipped to offer a more personal level of service.

False - There is no reason why repairs would take any longer and as for courtesy cars. Many independents do have access to cars, especially if yours is a "No Fault Claim".

False - This is a trick some insurance companies were using to apply pressure on car owners, but it has been ruled as an "Unfair Practice" and can be challenged.


Know Your Rights!

For more information on your rights, watch this short video!

SMART Repairs

Small to Medium Area Repair Techniques

With our roots firmly in the SMART repair industry we know what works and what doesn't. We understand where the limitations are when trying to contain a repair area; so we can keep the size of the repair as small as possible while not compromising the integrity of that repair.

Smart Repairs
Conventional Repairs

Accident Damage Undone

Our workshop has all the tools and equipment we need to repair and paint to a high standard. From the quality LED lighting in the workshop, to the gas-fired spray booth. We work closely with our partners in the refinish industry to keep abreast of new innovations, and only use quality professional use products to ensure the best results at a competitive price.

Resprays and Restorations

For the enthusiast who wants us to take on a "Project"

Feel free to get in touch to discuss your vision and we'll be happy to see what we can do to make it a reality. As anyone who's started into work like this knows, jobs like this can be impossible to price accurately before you start into them. So we can work on a "day rate" while we progress your project, making it easier for you to keep tabs on your budget.

Classic Cars
Alloy Wheels

Repaired & Refurbished

Kerb damage, scuffs and scrapes repaired!

Polished face alloys included!

Hit a Pothole - That Flat-spot can be pressed out.

So whether its a colour change to revamp your ride or simply repairing a bit kerb damage. We can get you sorted out and keep those rims looking like new.

Do you drive a leased vehicle (PCH, PCP or similar)?

Lease Hire or PCP Vehicles

Whether it's a company car or your own, I’m sure you are well aware of the pitfalls of returning a damaged vehicle at the end of the term and the potential bills or penalties this can expose you to.

No need to worry; We Are Here To Help!

Working to BVRLA "Fair Wear and Tear" guidelines we can advise and rectify damage as and when it occurs. Or if you wish, you can bring us in when the vehicle enters its final couple of months and we will help you to prepare that vehicle for its handover, back to the Leasing company.

So If you're the driver of a leased vehicle that's picked up a bit of damage during your term don’t get caught out!

Do you manage or look after company vehicles?

Fleet Managers

Cars, Vans, HGV

If you do we'd be happy to build a strong working relationship with you, keeping your fleet looking its best. The public's perception of you as a professional operation is paramount to attracting new business and promoting that positive image. We can help you to achieve that.

Large or small, we can help you to keep on top of the damage to your fleet!

Are you a car dealership or Motor Trader?

Motor Trade Customers

We want to build lasting business partnerships with our customers. We understand the importance of reacting quickly to your needs and the needs of your customers.

We are a progressive local business with a “Can Do” attitude.

Make us your first call for Paint Repairs delivered with Quality, Value, and Reliability

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